Xbox Scarlett-price, release date, specifications

Xbox Scarlett

Xbox Scarlett

Xbox Scarlett-price, release date, specification

Game consoles are very popular, especially when it comes to the Xbox and PlayStation platforms. We are slowly approaching the premiere of a new generation, in the case of Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett is already on the horizon. Although there are still many unknowns, information and leaks have shown that this equipment will be very efficient and equipped with modern solutions. When will it debut? How much will you pay for this? What games can you expect? Find answers to these and other troublesome players right here.

When will the Xbox Scarlett premiere?

One of the information confirmed by the manufacturer concerns the date of appearance of the console in stores. The premiere of the Xbox Scarlett is an event scheduled for the 2020 holiday season. This term is currently used by the manufacturer, we will probably wait a bit to clarify it. The end of November 2020 seems realistic .

What about the title? This is likely to be changed. Although the manufacturer also talks about the Xbox Scarlett in official announcements, we should finally see the hardware in stores with a different, more «media» name.

Xbox Scarlett
Xbox Scarlett

Xbox Scarlett specification

The exact specification of the new console is not yet known, but some key questions have already been approached. The manufacturer intends to use, among other things, AMD processor and graphics chip, in General, the Xbox Scarlett should provide 4 times more performance than the Xbox One X, which is currently the most powerful console on the market.

Thus, the increase in computing power will be huge, giving developers the opportunity to boast when developing games, their size and advanced physics and graphic design.

The most important features of Xbox Scarlett

  • AMD processor. Prepared by AMD, the eight-core system based on the Zen 2 architecture will be executed in a modern 7-nm technological process.
  • AMD graphics card is a special variant of Radeon Navi.
  • fast SSD-the Manufacturer announces a new generation SSD, which will provide greater comfort when using the console, for example, significantly shorter download time or installation of games or applications.
  • 8K and 120fps — the very high performance of the new console is expected to support 8K high resolution as well as display an image at 120fps at 4K resolution.
    ray tracing-support for technologies increasingly used in games will result in realistic lighting reproduction and improved light and shadow animations.
  • It is currently available on high-performance computers with Nvidia graphics cards.

How much will the new Xbox Scarlett cost?

The price of the Xbox Scarlett is one of the biggest mysteries in the context of the hardware being discussed. The manufacturer will not disclose details for a long time, but interviews often make sure that users can set an affordable price. What exactly does that mean?

Analysts believe the Xbox Scarlett could be worth $ 399 . Given the console components, this would be a really good suggestion. This is even more likely because, according to industry gimmicks, I only bring real profits to games, not the devices themselves that allow them to work.

More than one variant of the Xbox Scarlett is unlikely to be released. Admittedly, such plans have been speculated about for quite some time, but over time they have begun to move away from them in favor of focusing on the streaming service Project xCloud — a competitor to Google Stadia .

Games for Xbox Scarlett to premiere

Although talking about available games for many months before the premiere of the console is not an easy task, but the manufacturer itself has reached out. Along with the announcement of the device, he announced that one of the launch titles will be Halo Infinite . This choice is hardly surprising, since we are talking about the next release of the famous series, identified only with the Xbox platform.

However, other starting names remain in the realm of conjecture. In addition, the exclusive console discussed on the day of its release (or a moment later) should introduce appropriate versions of multi-platform products.

I remember the feverishly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 with CD Projekt RED or Dying Light 2 from Techland, whose representatives confirmed the desire to release the game on consoles of the new generation. Of course, new versions of the most popular series, such as FIFA, Battlefield, Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed, will appear quite quickly in the Xbox Scarlett.

What else to know about the new Xbox

One of the important features of the Xbox Scarlett will be backward compatibility, which allows you to run games of all older generations of Xbox. Backward compatibility debuted on the Xbox One and immediately became very popular. It is not surprising that the idea will not only be continued, but also expanded. Every player has their favorite games that they love coming back to despite the years that have passed, and Microsoft is lending a helping hand here.

It is important to note that this time backward compatibility will also extend to tablets and other accessories. Those who work on Xbox One will also work on Xbox Scarlett.

Many people perceive the console not only as a gaming platform, but also as a home multimedia center. This is possible thanks to the ability to connect to the network, install additional applications, connect a TV decoder or play discs. The manufacturer announced that an optical drive will also be found in the Xbox Scarlett — probably a Blu-ray drive.

Xbox One — is it still worth buying?

The information disclosed and implied makes it clear that the Xbox Scarlett is really worth the wait. The only problem is that the new generation of consoles will not appear soon, and interesting games can make your free time even more enjoyable. Want to know if it’s worth buying an Xbox One? Is worth.

Xbox One S is offered at a very affordable price of about 1000 zlotys, the more expensive Xbox One X is currently the most efficient console on the market. There is no shortage of games, as always at the peak of the popularity of this generation. In addition, even after the debut of the Xbox Scarlett developers will not forget about the Xbox One for some time.