How to save as much battery power as possible on your iPhone

How to save as much battery power as possible on your iPhone

There are several simple ways to reduce battery power consumption on iPhone smartphones. This is important because modern mobile devices can’t work without charging for a few days, as simple mobile phones were able to do. If the smartphone works from dawn to dusk, this is already considered a good indicator.

In this article, you will find a list of ways that should help you increase the duration of your iPhone. These include changes to settings and changes in device usage during the day. Some tips are obvious, others require effort. But in the end, the smartphone will not let you down at the crucial moment and will not discharge.

Keep in mind that older iPhone models may have batteries with a lower capacity. They won’t work as long as the iPhone 11 anyway, especially if they’ve been updated to the latest version of iOS 13.

If you have an iPhone for a long time, the battery may have had time to degrade and works worse than before. Go to Settings > battery And look at the capacity. If it has decreased, you can send the device to Apple or a certified repair center to replace the battery. You can also contact third-party service centers, but then you will lose the warranty.

You need to update to the latest version of iOS 13. It should optimise the processes to ensure the most efficient operation of the battery. The other suggestions are listed below.

Enable power saving mode (power saving Mode)

The easiest way to save battery power. Turn on the power saving mode that appeared in iOS 9. The offer to activate it appears in the system when the charge level drops to 20%. If desired, you can enable this mode at any time yourself. To do this, go to Settings > battery And activate the switch.

You can add this switch to the control center for faster access

Low power mode reduces screen brightness, reduces device performance, and minimizes animation. Apps like Mail stop loading content in the background. You can still write text messages, make calls, and receive data. The power-saving mode removes all excesses until the device is charged above 80%.

Play less and watch videos

This is also an obvious clue, but not everyone follows it. Viewing multimedia content on the device quickly consumes energy. Depending on the specific smartphone model, watching an hour of video may consume 10% of the battery or even more. The same applies to games, especially complex online games.

In General, you need to play and watch less. If this is absolutely necessary, reduce the screen brightness, resolution, and other parameters. Or choose not the most difficult games, such as puzzle.

Disable location detection

Your iPhone is able to determine your location using the LTE or GPS communication standard. They all use up energy. If the battery level is low, do not use the Maps app and actively track your location. This also applies to other location-based programs.

If you need such apps, for example, for navigation, disable GPS in Settings > Maps > Geolocation > Never.

Reduce the screen brightness

Bright screens consume battery faster than darkened ones. It is easy to reduce the brightness in the settings. Open the control center and there you will see a vertical bar with the sun icon. Tap and change the brightness.

You may have enabled automatic brightness changes based on ambient lighting. Go to Settings > Screen and brightness to disable automatic changes.

Switching to the dark interface

A good way to reduce power consumption is to switch to the dark version of the interface. It appeared in the iOS 13 system. Tests show that it can increase the duration of work by about 30%. This value will be different for different iPhone models, since some of them have an LCD screen, while others have an OLED screen. They display black or no black differently.

Enabling the dark interface is easy: open the control center and long-press the brightness slider to make the «Dark mode»button appear on the left. Or go to Settings > Screen and brightness to enable the dark interface here.

You can set a schedule for enabling and disabling it at certain times of the day.

Disabling LTE

The device constantly transmits data in the form of text, email, and applications. This is an extreme measure, but if you really need your smartphone not to run out of power, you can disable 4G/LTE communication.

The easiest way to do this is in the control center in the upper-left corner. Click the green button there to disable cellular communication. Or you can open Settings > Cellular connection and disable it, as well as roaming.

You can enable or disable cellular communication for each application separately. This will force some of them to use only Wi-Fi..

Disabling everything except your smartphone

Next, prevent the screen from lighting up when app notifications appear. Go To Settings > Notifications and set » Allow notifications «to» Off».

Finally, turn on airplane mode to disable all communication. This is done in settings and in the control center.